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ARKU Deburring of Plasma and Flame-cut Parts

 EdgeBreaker 4000


 EdgeBreaker 4000 

With the unique grinding drum of the EdgeBreaker 4000 you are able to remove the strongest burrs created during plasma cutting, you can also round both sides in a single pass.

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EdgeBreaker 4400




 EdgeBreaker 4400 

Flexibility is the key to the EdgeBreaker 4400. Afters burrs and slag caused by flame cutting have been removed via the grinding drum, you can simply choose between double-sided deburring or edge rounding. Specifically catering towards your optimal pass deburring and edge rounding results.




EdgeBreaker 5000



EdgeBreak 5000


The EdgeBreaker 5000 is built tough - this is necessary when it needs to easily remove slag caused by flame cutting





ARKU EdgeBraeker 9000

EdgeBreaker 9000

The EdgeBreaker 9000 combines slag removal with deburring and edge rounding. With this high process reliability and enormous throughput, the EdgeBreaker 9000 is practiculary suitable for high volumes.

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