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ARKU PlateMaster

PlateMaster: durable and economical, processing large sheet metal parts and thick plates are the job for the PlateMaster. Specifically developed for rough sheet metal processing, the system is even capable of handling rusted and soiled panels as well as armor plate



ARKU PlateMaster

Flatness for the big jobs: the PlateMaster 

Perfect surface flat and relieved of internal stresses: different panels require different leveling systems. The PlateMaster is distinguished by its efficiency and reliability when processing large and thiick metal plates and parts. The hydraulic plate straightener is designed to provide rapid leveling with low internal stresses and minimal scrap.

  • it is specifically designed for rough panels from 4 mm to 40 mm thick
  • it can handle the full spectrum of medium to large panels thanks to its 3000 mm width
  • the robust system has no problem at all with rust or dirt


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