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ARKU Levelers

The ARKU range of Levelers are extremely precise and deliver consistently excellent results. Enormous added value: they save time and minimize both scrap and time wasted on rework.

ARKU EcoMaster


The ARKU EcoMaster series of precision

levelers ensures that even the smallest

metal parts and sheets are perfectectly flat

Part Thickness                             0.1 to 5 mm

Max Passage  Width               50 to 1300 mm






ARKU FlatMaster

 Thicker parts require a more powerful

machine and this is where the ARKU

FlatMaster plays it's part

Part Thickness                           0.5 to 60 mm

Max Passage Width              800 to 3000 mm







 ARKU PlateMaster

Incontrast the ARKU PlateMaster

is the perfect machine for sheet

metal parts and plates with large

surface area.

Part Thickness                        4 to 40 mm 

Max Passage Widths                  3000 mm

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