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Waterline Waterjet Cutting Machine

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The Waterline cutting machine from Waterjet Corporation is the latest addition to their portfolio again designed with the metal work, glass and stone cutting industries in mind but is now widely used to cut a variety of materials such as seal, rubber, plastics, foam, clothing materials and these are just a few to mention.But a lower cost for the smaller companies

For the cutting of specialized metals where the introduction of high temperatures into the metal can have a detrimental effect and alter the properties of the material then Waterjet cutting is a must.

The Waterline comes with an intergratedl tank, 3-5 axis NC gantry technology so cutting in the x and y axis and height adjustment as standard with the additional options of cutting on the tilt and rotational cutting. Double bellows as Standard, enclose the helical rack and pinion motion system with automatic lubrication so no or little maintenance is required.

Standard Size

Model WL 510 4000 mm x 2300 mm


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