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Hymson HF-A Series of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Hymson HF A Series

Designed with the smaller manufacturers in mind the HF-A series comes in at a very competitive price range. It is ideal for the low volume manufacturing companies where the expense of out sourcing cut work makes the end product none competitive.

The Hymson HF-A series laser intelligent cutting equipment is ideal for low volume manufacturing environments.

  • Fast cutting speed with low operational cost
  • Strong structure for longevity and accuracy
  • Friendly interface

 Laser resonator                                        Fiber Laser                             

Power (W)                                                  500-1500                               

Model                                                  3015A                 6020A               

Working range (mm)                       3000x1500           6000x2000           

Max positioning speed parallel axis x,y (m/min)            84                      

Max acceleration parallel axis x,y (g)                            0.8                       

Max positioning speed axis z(m/min)                             30                       

Max acceleration axis z (g)                                            0.6                       


Cut parts HF A

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